Emile Hemmen was born in 1923 in Sandweiler, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In his youth he rejected the military service for the german national socialist occupants and joined the resistance LPL «Lëtzebuerger Patrioteliga». From 1945 to 1968 he worked as a teacher. After that he studied pedagogy in Paris, with a specializiation in psychology and sociology. He worked as attaché for the ministry of education in Luxembourg from 1968 to 1969. Emile Hemmen lives in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg.

Further important positions:
Director of the Institut médico-professionel «Institute for rehabilitation, education and professional alignment of mentally defective people» and the Centre de Réadaptation «rehabilitation facility» in Capellen, Foundation member of ANCE, Former vice-president of FICE «Fédération internationale des communautés éducatives», Member of Réseau européen des Centres de Réadaptation, Foundation member of Coopérations association in Wiltz, Co-founder and actual president of Editions ESTUAIRES. Executive writer for Estuaires magazine, Co-founder of Editions ESTUAIRES, Member of LSV Writers Club Luxembourg, Correspondent of Compagnons de la Forêt des Mille Poétes in France.

Emile Hemmen 1964
Emile Hemmen mit Katze


  • 1959: Prix Huberty-Garnier, Projet pédagogique
  • 1972: Lauréat du Concours international de la francophonie
  • 1978: Lauréat du concours Amnesty International
  • 1983: Lauréat du Concours littéraire national de Poésie
  • 1984: Grand Prix ONITIS für "Souffles partagés"
  • 1995: Lauréat du concours interrégional LSV
            «Lëtzebuerger Schrëftstellerverband»